Work Permit

Foreign Workers require a work permit to work in Canada. TNC can help you with your work permit application and result in approvals. Process of Work Permit can be explained in the following steps:

Step one: Foreign workers need to find a suitable job in Canada based on their experience. They can
 apply to job postings via governmentally monitored websites like Work BC and Job bank. Once a Canadian employer approves of a worker, he needs to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application. Our company, TNC, can help the employers to receive a positive decision on their LMIA application.

Step Two: Once LMIA has been obtained, the employer extends a job offer to the foreign worker.

Step Three: Foreign worker needs to submit a work permit application to IRCC. This is where True
North Consultancy can play a huge role and help you submitting a strong case to IRCC
and yield positive outcome

Step Four
: Receive approval! Come to Canada on a Work Permit and start your new job.

Each occupation has its own set of requirements, which is where our company steps in.

We make sure that your application is meeting the requirements of the job offer so that your application
can get approved without any hassles.

Work permits are temporary but they offer the opportunity to gain experience in Canada and potentially use it for Permanent Residency in the long run.

Apply for Work Permits at Port of Entry: Some Nationals or Visitors in Canada do not necessarily need to submit a work permit application online. We can represent them at the border (Port of Entry) to successfully obtain their work permits. Our company’s representatives have a high success rate at POE.