Study Permit

Canada has the top ranked schools, colleges and universities. The multi diverse nation encourages the students across the globe to enroll in notable colleges and universities to further resume their studies.

First step involves getting admission into a program of your choice from a designated learning institution (DLI). This is where We can help. We have links with many colleges and universities all over Canada to help you find the best program that fits your needs. We, usually, recommend to apply for a college that supports you for a Post Grad Open Work Permit (PGWP) once you have completed your program.

Be it a 1 year certificate, 2 year diploma or 4 years bachelors, we can help you find the best suitable program.

Once the admission is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance which we then use to apply for your study permit.

Students have many advantages in Canada:

  • They can work part time while in school and full time during scheduled breaks

  • After completing the program, they can then apply for a post graduate open work permit which allows them to work full time and gain Canadian work experience 

  • They can bring their spouse to Canada on an open work permit

  • They can eventually apply for PR through various programs dedicated to students.

To apply for Study Permit in Canada, you can contact us.